A Day In The Life of a Masthead Media Company Intern-turned Freelancer

By Marisa Russell

A little less than a year ago I was scouring the Ed2010 job board daily hoping to find an opportunity that would peak my interest. It was three months before the start of the fall semester and yet, I was determined to get my internship search underway. Most people were still thinking about summer jobs, freelance gigs or even, summer internships, but I was busy making a ridiculously type A spreadsheet of all of the places I wanted to apply. During my search I came across an unusual post from a company I’d never really heard of, but that intrigued me, Masthead Media Company (MMC). After a few hours of research and some social media digging, I was in love with a job I didn’t have, and I was practically begging to be hired in my already completed cover letter.

Once I’d sent my cover letter off into the black hole that we call the Internet, I played the well-loved waiting game. Fast forward a few months, and by mid-August, I was thankful to call this internship mine, and I couldn’t wait to start. September rolled around faster than anyone wished, and I was actually excited to work for a startup company that I would eventually call home.

In my first few months as an intern for MMC I worked on growing our social media, Facebook, Twitter and, yes, LinkedIn, I helped created sales materials for one of our co-founders Amanda, and I even helped with a huge event for one of our clients, Trafalgar. I was in a dream world where I got to help out with things that most interns wouldn’t even know existed, and I also got to figure out the changing media world and where I fit into it. During my time as an intern we gained Alex & Ani as a client, and I got the chance to sit in on a kickoff meeting with their marketing team. Also during my time as an intern, I got to experience an Ed2010 panel that we sponsored, and learn about the growing content marketing world. Overall, my time as an intern was vast, full of learning and just truly fun.

As I neared the middle of December, and what was the end of my internship, I actually grew sad about the thought of leaving MMC. Though I had already secured an internship for Spring 2016, I wanted to stay, and continue helping run the social media and assisting with sales documents and materials. Thankfully, the co-founders saw something in me, and they agreed to let me work remotely part-time, and they even worked around my ridiculous work and school schedule. Now, for the last five months, I’ve been lucky to run the social media accounts as the bulk of my job, also compiling a monthly analytics report and email to the co-founders as well as developing strategies to boost our following and engagement. For a little over three months, I’ve even been doing it on my own (yes, I’m 20 and I’m a social media manager, anything is possible).

Honestly, the point of my paragraph long rant all leads to this: Ed2010 is no joke, and Ed’s job board is a real, magical place that you should always check out. If it weren’t for Ed, I wouldn’t be a freelancer at a growing startup before I even graduate college.


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