How My Internship at Oprah Magazine Taught Me I Want to be a Magazine Editor

By Nico Machlitt

Every day from 7th to 9th grade I would come home from school and watch The Oprah Winfrey show. I would watch as the fearless host talked about everything from child molestation, to her favorite book that month and road trips she went on with her best friend Gayle. I adored Oprah and the way she spoke about every topic and created a connection with her audience was something I really admired.

When my friend applied to an internship at O, the Oprah Magazine through the Ed2010 for the fall semester and got the internship I was overjoyed. I talked to her each day about the internship and the following semester I applied. About a month later I got an email securing my position as an editorial intern for O, the Oprah Magazine.

The first day of my internship I was filled with nerves even entering Hearst Tower and taking the elevator all the way up the thirty-sixth floor. The first month of the internship was a lot of work transcribing interviews, researching story ideas and working with the team of head writers. I also had to answer the phone for Gayle King, editor-at- large, and Lucy Kaylin, editor-in-chief of O. The first week of my internship I answered the phone and heard the words “Oprah speaking” and dropped the phone. This was one of the many star struck and overall surreal moments that happened at my time at the magazine.

Although there were many little fan moments I managed to keep it professional. I got more comfortable going up and talking to the head writers about story ideas and their interview process. I worked really hard and did every task on time and never left the office until I had finished everything. It was a lot of work and some of it not so glamorous like organizing books or past issues of the magazine but it gave me opportunities to meet more people at the magazine and really helped me feel comfortable. I took a risk and started personalizing the morning newsletter by redesigning the O logo to fit with the month’s holidays or season picture.

As I got more comfortable in the office environment I was able to work with editors and other people around the office on projects for social media and the book team. I became closer with the writing staff and made each transcription I emailed to them personal by writing my own questions and comments about the interview I transcribed. I worked with one of the writers Zoe and had an opportunity to work on O’s subscription based newsletter O’s Circle of Friends. I got to write an article by interviewing the ladies around the magazine and it showed me a different part of the magazine.

During the last month of my internship I got to really work on researching stories personally with each writer and helped me become great friends with each writer. I got to meet Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and Farnoosh Torabi a finance writer, both of whom were new writers to the magazine.

While my boss was out of town I was given three opportunities to be Gayle King’s assistant. It was a great learning experience and I got to spend three whole days with Gayle King a lady I used to (and still do) watch on TV.

The last day of my internship I made everyone collage thank you cards and cried in Gayle King’s office, which wasn’t as embarrassing as it sounds. I had a great time at O and when the ladies sent me off with and ice cream party I really started crying. I know I want to work in magazines because of my experience at O. It was one of the best semesters of my life and something I will truly never forget.

Thanks Ed!


A Day In The Life of a Masthead Media Company Intern-turned Freelancer

By Marisa Russell

A little less than a year ago I was scouring the Ed2010 job board daily hoping to find an opportunity that would peak my interest. It was three months before the start of the fall semester and yet, I was determined to get my internship search underway. Most people were still thinking about summer jobs, freelance gigs or even, summer internships, but I was busy making a ridiculously type A spreadsheet of all of the places I wanted to apply. During my search I came across an unusual post from a company I’d never really heard of, but that intrigued me, Masthead Media Company (MMC). After a few hours of research and some social media digging, I was in love with a job I didn’t have, and I was practically begging to be hired in my already completed cover letter.

Once I’d sent my cover letter off into the black hole that we call the Internet, I played the well-loved waiting game. Fast forward a few months, and by mid-August, I was thankful to call this internship mine, and I couldn’t wait to start. September rolled around faster than anyone wished, and I was actually excited to work for a startup company that I would eventually call home.

In my first few months as an intern for MMC I worked on growing our social media, Facebook, Twitter and, yes, LinkedIn, I helped created sales materials for one of our co-founders Amanda, and I even helped with a huge event for one of our clients, Trafalgar. I was in a dream world where I got to help out with things that most interns wouldn’t even know existed, and I also got to figure out the changing media world and where I fit into it. During my time as an intern we gained Alex & Ani as a client, and I got the chance to sit in on a kickoff meeting with their marketing team. Also during my time as an intern, I got to experience an Ed2010 panel that we sponsored, and learn about the growing content marketing world. Overall, my time as an intern was vast, full of learning and just truly fun.

As I neared the middle of December, and what was the end of my internship, I actually grew sad about the thought of leaving MMC. Though I had already secured an internship for Spring 2016, I wanted to stay, and continue helping run the social media and assisting with sales documents and materials. Thankfully, the co-founders saw something in me, and they agreed to let me work remotely part-time, and they even worked around my ridiculous work and school schedule. Now, for the last five months, I’ve been lucky to run the social media accounts as the bulk of my job, also compiling a monthly analytics report and email to the co-founders as well as developing strategies to boost our following and engagement. For a little over three months, I’ve even been doing it on my own (yes, I’m 20 and I’m a social media manager, anything is possible).

Honestly, the point of my paragraph long rant all leads to this: Ed2010 is no joke, and Ed’s job board is a real, magical place that you should always check out. If it weren’t for Ed, I wouldn’t be a freelancer at a growing startup before I even graduate college.

My Fun, Fearless Photo Internship at Cosmopolitan Magazine 

By Katie Spoleti

After picking up my first issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine when I was 16, page by page I fell in love with the words and images that displayed all types of women free to be who ever they wanted to be. Not only did my love for such a publication grow throughout the years, but my desire to work amongst top editors responsible for crafting the empowering stories that inspired me did as well.

Cosmo 5
In November, after countless resume and cover letter revisions, I gained up the courage to send over my application for a spring internship with Cosmopolitan. Of course I had no expectations of hearing back within the week (or at all for that matter), but then something out of this world happened and I received a response within the same day. After two weeks of pinching myself, researching everything down to the smallest detail about the company and going on interviews, I received the best e-mail to date, granting me a dream come true. At the end of that month, I accepted a photography internship with Cosmo and prepared to start what I knew to be one of the most surreal experiences of my life thus far.

As a photo intern, my responsibilities included photo research, working with the team of fabulous photo editors, assisting on photo shoots for the magazine and much, much more. Throughout my time at Cosmo I learned the true power of what a great quality photograph consists of and how to execute a stories meaning through imagery. When I wasn’t researching red carpet/street style pictures of celebrities for fashion spreads or compiling contact sheets for the Culture Crush and Fun, Fearless, Fail pages, I was out scouting locations for shoots, helping the Senior Photo Editor (Hi, Allie!) prop style in the studio and conducting my own mini photo shoots with the other interns. Being a photo intern for Cosmopolitan Magazine was an amazing experience for many reasons but one that I’d have to highlight is that everyone there allowed me to express my creativity, opinions and skills, aiding to the overall production of each issue.
During my five months there, I made connections with some of the most inspiring and dedicated women that I have ever met in my life. The opportunity to be in the presence of people like them alone has been something that I will forever be grateful for. The most amazing feeling that I had while interning at Cosmopolitan came from looking through the pages of each new issue that I helped put together. It was so satisfying to see the images that I found or the spreads that I helped prop style for appear in the issues. I got to work directly on the May Beauty Awards for both Seventeen and Cosmo, assisted on a celebrity cover shoot for Seventeen and even got the back of my head to appear in a beauty story for Cosmo (be sure to look for me in the June 2016 issue)!

Overall, my internship at Cosmopolitan Magazine was one that provided me with the ability to learn about the ever-changing industry of print publications. From my first day there to my last, there was never a dull moment. Interning for Cosmo has been a dream of mine for so long and to be honest I never thought I’d get there. Magazine internships are competitive and when it comes to applying for them it can be really scary. But, my advice for anyone reading this whether you’re like me and want to intern at Cosmo or for any magazine out there, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. I believe that great things happen to people that aren’t afraid to fail and go about every situation with a positive attitude. When you remember that you are unique and you stay confident in the skills that you have, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.
Cosmopolitan has been a dream place to intern at and even though I’m sad it’s over, I’m excited to apply all the new knowledge that I have of the industry to any new experience that may come my way. I can’t wait to see what the editors that I have gotten to work so closely with will come up with next and be able to look at a masthead of names that I can now put faces to. They’ve helped me grow in countless way and for that I am more than grateful.

Once a Cosmo girl, always a Cosmo girl.

A Day in the Life of a Intern

By Elizabeth Steinberg

After being a Web and Features Intern at Marie Claire, I went on to be a Web Editorial Intern for I worked with so many great people, including awesome editors and other amazing interns. Most of my time was spent in the unicorner, a magical little meeting room decorated with pictures of unicorns. When I wasn’t helping write articles, I was working on building out posts in Cosmopolitan’s CMS system. I helped build out weekly horoscopes, fashion show galleries, and much more.

In my opinion, there is one thing that can make or break an internship, and that’s your internship supervisor. One of my favorite parts of the internship was getting to work so closely with Danielle Tullo, an Editorial Assistant for She originally started at Cosmo as an intern then worked her way up to where she is today. Apparently, we were her first batch of interns, but you wouldn’t have guessed it if she didn’t tell you. She was always super friendly, sweet, and treated us like her work BFFs.


When we weren’t helping editors with research projects, transcriptions, or building out posts, we were helping Danielle with analytics. I’d say these were two of our most important jobs as interns. When it comes to analytics, we helped Danielle put together an entire report for the sales team. It had everything from which articles had the most shares from the site that week to which Snapchat post was viewed for the longest amount of time. Overall, I learned so much from the internships I’ve had these past two semesters. They’ve helped me grow in my field and I’ve established connections that will last a lifetime.